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Afghanistan: Survey provides meaningful insights into the experiences of teachers and students under the Taliban regime


Education International (EI) hosted a union side event at the 68th session of the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (UNCSW) to highlight the plight of girls and women teachers in Afghanistan who have been forbidden from going to school and teaching since the Taliban takeover in 2021.

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In their own words: the harsh reality of Afghan teachers


Shakila* is a dedicated teacher with over 15 years of service in the Balkh Province of Afghanistan. Since the most recent takeover of the Taliban in 2021 which led to the shutdown of education for girls, attacks on female teachers, and a crackdown on the rights of women, Shakila reports feeling a profound sadness caused by living in an unsafe environment. Beyond her personal hardships, the closure of schools for her daughters and female students adds a strong sense of injustice. Partial and irregular salary payments for teachers exacerbate the already difficult conditions the education sector faces. Despite the challenges, Shakila remains passionately committed to advocating for academic freedom, emphasizing the need for an equitable educational environment.

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Analysing the Challenges Faced by Afghan Teachers


In 2022, Education International (EI) took a significant step to champion the rights of Afghan teachers with the launch of the Afghan Teacher's Rights Observatory. This dedicated platform was created to document the situation of education in Afghanistan, addressing critical aspects such as teachers' salaries, working conditions, human rights violations, gender equity, girls' access to education, restrictions on women teachers, safety, and curriculum adherence to international human rights standards.

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Education International joins global call to invest in girls’ rights


October 11, the International Day of the Girl Child, is a day of mobilisation and action to advance the rights of girls around the world. Amid worrying developments that have undone decades of progress on girls’ rights, Education International joins allies from around the world in calling for governments and the international community to invest in and protect girls’ rights.

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Shining a light on the right to education in Afghanistan


Today, the Committee of Experts on the Application of Conventions and Recommendations will discuss the desperate situation of human rights in Afghanistan, at the International Labour Conference, in Geneva. Through the Afghan Teachers’ Rights Observatory, Education International collects testimonies and calls attention to the terrible conditions facing teachers and the severe limitations placed on girls’ right to education by the Taliban regime.

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Education International launches Afghan Teachers’ Rights Observatory to elevate the voice of teachers and defend the right to education


The Observatory will gather data and testimonies on rights’ violations, amplify the voice of Afghan teachers, and work to restore girls’ right to education.

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The unseen struggle and challenges of Afghan teachers


During the last four decades, Afghanistan has witnessed a series of destructive wars, and it is a fact that war causes deaths, destroys infrastructures, and severely impacts various aspects of people's lives. Throughout these times, Afghan teachers have always served the youth of the country, with honesty and dedication.

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Afghanistan: International solidarity to face human and education rights violations


International solidarity was reaffirmed at a webinar on Protecting the Right to Education of Girls in Afghanistan organised by the Irish Congress of Trade Unions and Unite the Union. Participants took stock of the educational and trade union situation in the country.

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Afghanistan: Union ensures the distribution of allowances to unpaid teachers


The National Teachers Elected Council (NTEC) has played a key role in ensuring that UNICEF’s badly needed emergency funds reach teachers across Afghanistan and advocating for secondary girls access to education be reinstated.

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