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ATROAfghan Teachers' Rights Observatory


Shining a light on the right to education in Afghanistan


Today, the Committee of Experts on the Application of Conventions and Recommendations will discuss the desperate situation of human rights in Afghanistan, at the International Labour Conference, in Geneva. Through the Afghan Teachers’ Rights Observatory, Education International collects testimonies and calls attention to the terrible conditions facing teachers and the severe limitations placed on girls’ right to education by the Taliban regime.

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Education International launches Afghan Teachers’ Rights Observatory to elevate the voice of teachers and defend the right to education


The Observatory will gather data and testimonies on rights’ violations, amplify the voice of Afghan teachers, and work to restore girls’ right to education.

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The unseen struggle and challenges of Afghan teachers


During the last four decades, Afghanistan has witnessed a series of destructive wars, and it is a fact that war causes deaths, destroys infrastructures, and severely impacts various aspects of people's lives. Throughout these times, Afghan teachers have always served the youth of the country, with honesty and dedication.

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Afghanistan: International solidarity to face human and education rights violations


International solidarity was reaffirmed at a webinar on Protecting the Right to Education of Girls in Afghanistan organised by the Irish Congress of Trade Unions and Unite the Union. Participants took stock of the educational and trade union situation in the country.

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Afghanistan: Union ensures the distribution of allowances to unpaid teachers


The National Teachers Elected Council (NTEC) has played a key role in ensuring that UNICEF’s badly needed emergency funds reach teachers across Afghanistan and advocating for secondary girls access to education be reinstated.

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Afghanistan: As the Taliban regime undermines education, peace and human rights, Education International and its member organisations step up their actions


Education International’s Afghanistan Teachers’ Rights Observatory (ATRO), to be launched in September 2022, is the latest in a series of strong actions undertaken demonstrating the global education community’s solidarity with Afghan educators and populations, who are undergoing great hardship under the rule of the Taliban.

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Afghanistan: reaffirming strong support for exiled trade unionists and for the return of democracy, freedom and equality


Together with French affiliates and leaders of French national and international trade union confederations, Education International took stock of the catastrophic situation of democracy and education in Afghanistan under Taliban rule. It also reiterated its commitment to and solidarity with Afghan trade unionists who, despite being exiled in France, are still fighting for a better future in their country.

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Afghanistan: The Taliban regime denies girls’ right to education


March 23rd was supposed to be a day of hope and a bright new beginning for girls across Afghanistan. The Taliban regime had promised to reopen secondary schools to girls eager to restart their education after months of disruption. These hopes were dashed by a last-minute change in policy that pushed girls out of school and casts serious doubt over the Taliban’s commitment to girls’ education.

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