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Shahira, a female teacher for 3 years in a secondary school in Balkh

I have been teaching English, history, geography, and Dari in this school as a volunteer for three years. Despite not receiving salary, I always tried to be able to convey what I know to others. While I am passionate about teaching, I aspire to secure regular pay, improved working conditions, and job security.

In addition to financial considerations, I think that teachers should be able to participate in educational policy decision making. Teachers should have the right to join a professional association or education union and the union should have a legal right to negotiate on behalf of teachers on all professional matters, on professional autonomy and freedom.

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Hamidullah, a male teacher in an Islamic school in the Balkh province

All my 9th grade students are struggling under very difficult circumstances. I myself have a salary of 9,000 afghanis (123 USD). This is unsustainable. Life is very bitter for me and my family.

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Roya, a female teacher in a boys’ school in the Badakhashan province

Unfortunately, our educational environment lacks basic facilities and textbooks. Beyond the classroom, families neglect the division of household chores, and students, engaged in work outside school, struggle to focus on their studies.

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Freba, a female teacher in a girls’ school in Balkh

Over the last two years, women in our country have encountered unprecedented restrictions, revealing a stark disregard for our humanity. Through our union we call for improved basic pay, professional autonomy, and enhanced social security.

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