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Anonymous, female teacher

I want to give information about the problems of professors, especially women professors.

Throughout the history of Afghanistan, it has been considered among the countries of the world that education and training has not progressed to the extent that was essential and necessary.

As a teacher, I have seen many problems with my own eyes. In the republican system, my life and that of all female teachers was in danger. Teachers were threatened with death and acid was thrown on them. There were no standard training centres for teachers or schools. There were very few girls’ schools, there was no safe and healthy environment for teaching. In most of the remote provinces and districts, there were not even any girls’ schools. No one was given the right to education.

When the republican system fell and the Taliban seized power, these problems became more and more present than ever. The gates of all girls’ schools above the sixth grade were closed, and to this day, it is not known what will happen to the teachers who were teaching in these schools. All of them are in a bad economic situation, all women in Afghanistan, especially the teachers, have been deprived of all their rights and until today their identity is not recognised.

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Freba, a female teacher in a girls’ school in Balkh

Over the last two years, women in our country have encountered unprecedented restrictions, revealing a stark disregard for our humanity. Through our union we call for improved basic pay, professional autonomy, and enhanced social security.

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Abdul, a male teacher for 15 years in a boys’ school in Balkh

I am proud of being a teacher because we have a sacred duty, but we are not considered with respect. I am also very angry that the girls' schools have been closed, as I firmly believe in every girl's right to education.

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Hasina, a female teacher in a boys’ school in the Badakhashan province

Female teachers are treated as if we were toys or mere pawns. One day, we are asked to sign, and the next day, we are told not to come to school. The frustration witnessed through the eyes of our students is beyond words, filled with sadness and resentment. This has been our reality for a year.

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