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Anonymous, ex-teacher, female

Most of my family members are teachers, mother, sister, and brother. With the arrival of the Taliban, we lost our jobs.

Only my brother remains a teacher, whose income is not enough for our family. My father is also unemployed, which means a big financial problem for all the teachers.

Teachers do not have freedom of thought and expression. The Taliban has sent written letters to all schools saying that their ideology should be taught in all schools, which is known to be terror and war.

Some teachers I know have been warned about trying to defend their rights.

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Anonymous, female teacher

I remember when I became a teacher, I realized the decency of this job, I realized that my path in this life had been destined since childhood. I realized the love and affection and the passion that flowed from nowhere in my being and unknowingly came to me every day.

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Anonymous, female teacher

As a teacher, I have seen many problems with my own eyes. In the republican system, my life and that of all female teachers was in danger. Teachers were threatened with death and acid was thrown on them.

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Anonymous, Male Teacher

Where the Taliban ruled, there were no schools at all, and if there were, only boys were allowed to go to school and girls were deprived.

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