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Hakimi, a female teacher for 17 years in Kabul

One of the reasons why teachers are dissatisfied is the closure of schools for girls, because we know that half of the society is made up of women. That is, 50% of people drop out of education, which slows down the progress of a country in any field.

I deplore that the Afghan society does not respect teachers. The teaching conditions would be much better if there was safety around education, and wages should be increased and paid regularly.

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Dunya, a female teacher for 15 years in a girls’ school in Badakhashan

I am angry about the closure of schools for girls beyond the 12th grade and the reduction of salaries for bachelor teachers like me. Regrettably, we do not find it necessary to maintain affiliation with the union now.

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Simin, female, has been teaching for 18 years in a primary girls' school in Herat

I became a member of a teacher union because professional representation is crucial. However, our current circumstances are challenging, and I find myself extremely unhappy.

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Sherin, female teacher for 7 years in a boys’ school in Herat

Female teachers like me now face the challenging situation where girls' schools have been closed, and female teachers have been relocated to distant areas. The increased pressure and the loss of privileges associated with my previous teaching career have left me very disillusioned.

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