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Freba, a female teacher in a girls’ school in Balkh

Over the last two years, women in our country have encountered unprecedented restrictions, revealing a stark disregard for our humanity. Through our union we call for improved basic pay, professional autonomy, and enhanced social security.

So far (April 2023) my salary is paid regularly, but the amount is too low.

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Anonymous, female teacher

As a teacher, I have seen many problems with my own eyes. In the republican system, my life and that of all female teachers was in danger. Teachers were threatened with death and acid was thrown on them.

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Zahra, a female teacher in a secondary girls’ school in Nangarhar

High officials impose significant restrictions on us. Female teachers in particular have no personal freedoms. Sometimes I doubt whether our profession is respected.

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Zuhal was a female teacher for 10 years in a girls’ school in Kabul

We do not have a good social and educational life: my daughters are at home, and I am not allowed to teach. We are deprived of our legal rights.

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