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Hamidullah, a male teacher in an Islamic school in the Balkh province

Students and teachers have a very difficult situation here. All my 9th grade students are struggling under very difficult circumstances.

I myself have a salary of 9,000 afghanis (123 USD). I have to pay 7,000 afghani to refuel my motorcycle. I have 7 children and a family to support.

This is unsustainable. Life is very bitter for me and my family.

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Anonymous, female teacher

I remember when I became a teacher, I realized the decency of this job, I realized that my path in this life had been destined since childhood. I realized the love and affection and the passion that flowed from nowhere in my being and unknowingly came to me every day.

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Zuhal was a female teacher for 10 years in a girls’ school in Kabul

We do not have a good social and educational life: my daughters are at home, and I am not allowed to teach. We are deprived of our legal rights.

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Farzaneh, a female teacher in a girls’ school for over 20 years in Samangan

Witnessing the eagerness of my students to learn when I am at school is truly rewarding. The girls show remarkable enthusiasm and interest in their lessons. It is truly disheartening that their opportunity to learn is being squashed. It is a great shame.

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