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Hamidullah, a male teacher in an Islamic school in the Balkh province

Students and teachers have a very difficult situation here. All my 9th grade students are struggling under very difficult circumstances.

I myself have a salary of 9,000 afghanis (123 USD). I have to pay 7,000 afghani to refuel my motorcycle. I have 7 children and a family to support.

This is unsustainable. Life is very bitter for me and my family.

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Shakila, a female teacher for over 15 years in a girls’ school in the Balkh province

I have been very unhappy for the last year due to the unsafe situation. Unfortunately, my daughters are currently not allowed to attend school, which badly impacts their morale.

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Abdul, a male teacher for 15 years in a boys’ school in Balkh

I am proud of being a teacher because we have a sacred duty, but we are not considered with respect. I am also very angry that the girls' schools have been closed, as I firmly believe in every girl's right to education.

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Freba, a female teacher in a girls’ school in Balkh

Over the last two years, women in our country have encountered unprecedented restrictions, revealing a stark disregard for our humanity. Through our union we call for improved basic pay, professional autonomy, and enhanced social security.

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