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Zahra, a female teacher in a secondary girls’ school in Nangarhar

At work, we face many problems. High officials impose significant restrictions on us. Female teachers in particular have no personal freedoms. I am unsatisfied with my current situation, the wage is irregular, low, and often received in fragmented portions. Sometimes I doubt whether our profession is respected.

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Mawlana, a male teacher for 3 years in a secondary boys’ school in Samangan

In recent months, the situation has not been easy. What gives me energy is seeing how important education is for Afghan citizens. I am totally in favour of girls being able to go to school and women being able to teach like men. I am a member of a trade union and I see what they do to defend teachers like me.

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Anonymous, female teacher

I remember when I became a teacher, I realized the decency of this job, I realized that my path in this life had been destined since childhood. I realized the love and affection and the passion that flowed from nowhere in my being and unknowingly came to me every day.

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Anonymous, Female Teacher

When the Taliban regime took over the country everything changed. Ministries closed, banks closed, public services were not available, schools were closed, business was paused, and universities also closed.

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