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Zahra, a female teacher in a secondary girls’ school in Nangarhar

At work, we face many problems. High officials impose significant restrictions on us. Female teachers in particular have no personal freedoms. I am unsatisfied with my current situation, the wage is irregular, low, and often received in fragmented portions. Sometimes I doubt whether our profession is respected.

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Roya, a female teacher in a boys’ school in the Badakhashan province

Unfortunately, our educational environment lacks basic facilities and textbooks. Beyond the classroom, families neglect the division of household chores, and students, engaged in work outside school, struggle to focus on their studies.

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Shahira, a female teacher for 3 years in a secondary school in Balkh

Teachers should have the right to join a professional association or education union and the union should have a legal right to negotiate on behalf of teachers on all professional matters, on professional autonomy and freedom.

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Seyed, a male teacher for over 20 years in a secondary boys’ school in Herat

I was happy when I was teaching the upper classes, but I have now been at home for the past two years. I firmly believe that girls should have the right to education and female teachers should be allowed to teach boys.

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