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Roya, a female teacher in a boys’ school in the Badakhashan province

I am from the Herat province, yet currently I am teaching male students in a school in Badakhshan.

Unfortunately, our educational environment lacks basic facilities and textbooks. Teachers are burdened with 30 hours of dull and monotonous classes daily, with no desks or books available.

The school infrastructure is limited. Economic conditions are challenging for everyone, with teachers receiving little assistance, facing unemployment, and struggling to make ends meet with insufficient livelihood.

Beyond the classroom, families neglect the division of household chores, and students, engaged in work outside school, struggle to focus on their studies.

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Hasina, a female teacher in a boys’ school in the Badakhashan province

Female teachers are treated as if we were toys or mere pawns. One day, we are asked to sign, and the next day, we are told not to come to school. The frustration witnessed through the eyes of our students is beyond words, filled with sadness and resentment. This has been our reality for a year.

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Anonymous, female teacher

As a teacher, I have seen many problems with my own eyes. In the republican system, my life and that of all female teachers was in danger. Teachers were threatened with death and acid was thrown on them.

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Seyed, a male teacher for over 20 years in a secondary boys’ school in Herat

I was happy when I was teaching the upper classes, but I have now been at home for the past two years. I firmly believe that girls should have the right to education and female teachers should be allowed to teach boys.

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