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Farzaneh, a female teacher in a girls’ school for over 20 years in Samangan

I am profoundly disturbed by the closure of girls' schools beyond the 6th grade, depriving them of their right to education.

Teaching brings me joy, particularly as I teach English. Witnessing the eagerness of my students to learn when I am at school is truly rewarding. The girls show remarkable enthusiasm and interest in their lessons.

It is truly disheartening that their opportunity to learn is being squashed. It is a great shame.

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Mawlana, a male teacher for 3 years in a secondary boys’ school in Samangan

In recent months, the situation has not been easy. What gives me energy is seeing how important education is for Afghan citizens. I am totally in favour of girls being able to go to school and women being able to teach like men. I am a member of a trade union and I see what they do to defend teachers like me.

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Zuhal was a female teacher for 10 years in a girls’ school in Kabul

We do not have a good social and educational life: my daughters are at home, and I am not allowed to teach. We are deprived of our legal rights.

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Although the Taliban’s education minister had promised that Afghan teachers’ salaries would increase, there are many problems. The Taliban’s policy of not allowing male teachers to teach girls and female teachers to teach boys has made things worse.

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